Don't let a dent put a damper on your day!

red car — Dent Magic in Coffs Harbour, NSW
You can count on Coffs Dent Magic to provide quality paintless dent repairs that will save you time and money.

Whether you have been caught in a hailstorm, had a shopping trolley or a wayward car door dent your vehicle, or even a dent from a minor car park bingle, you can rest assured that Dent Magic can smooth things over.

Our work is generally cheaper than many people's insurance excess saving the owner money as well as being much quicker. Forget about losing your car to a panel shop for days for repairs - we can complete most jobs on the same day.

Business director and experienced technician Tim Forty has the equipment and know-how to remove minor panel damage such as dents and hail damage for all makes and models of vehicle.

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There are two main types of paintless dent removal techniques.

The first involves using specialised tools to apply controlled and precise pressure to remove the dent or ding.

The second type is a glue pulling technique. When there is no access to the back of the dent, Tim Forty will apply small glue tabs on the front and then use a specialised pulling equipment to 'pop' the dent out. This process is quick, efficient and safe. Once the dent is fixed the glue tabs are removed leaving no marks on the paintwork.
gray car — Dent Magic in Coffs Harbour, NSW
  • More affordable than bringing your car in to a panel repair shop
  • Process is environmentally friendly
  • Paintless dent repairs can be undertaken at your location, saving you time
  • Dents can be repaired without affecting the original factory finish of your car
  • Paintless dent repairs are often cheaper than your vehicle insurance excess
  • No sanding or filling required


When is my access payable?
Depending on your insurance provider, they may require you to pay your excess at the time you make your claim. Alternatively, you may call your insurance company to pay your excess via credit card prior to collecting your vehicle or you may pay the repairer at the time of the collection of your vehicle.
What happens once I make a claim?
You will need to get a quote for the damage to your vehicle. Make sure you take your claim number with you. The repairer you select can then submit this to your insurance provider. Your insurance company may contact you to arrange a time for assessment and the repairer will contact you to arrange a repair date.